The BMW Z4 roadster will appear after 4-year hiatus, and this time it’ll be better equipped to serve its sports-vehicle mission. Unlike its predecessor, it’ll be offered just with a soft top. If you are interested in a fixed roof coupe, the same new Toyota Supra shares the BMW Z4’s 6 cylinder engine, underlying structure, and transmission.

Engines, Handling, and Ride

The base engine is 255 horsepower 4 cylinder, which will come with entire come with rear-wheel drive and an 8 speed automated, a manual transmission will not be offered, way to the disappointment of enthusiasts anyplace.

Cars with turbo 4 wear the 30i Bridge; stepping to then BMW M40i adds 380 horsepower turbocharged line 6. The BMW Z4 is stout, too. Handling was sharp, the steeling was crisp, and the transmission fast to shift, and the 6 cylinders offered effortless energy and sounded just as punchy. We have not had the chance to sample a BMW Z4 at our track, but we estimate a 0-60mph time of 4.2 seconds for BMW M40i and 5 seconds for the 30i.

Technology and Interior

Strictly a 2-seater, the BMW Z4’s cabin is cozy and small, with driver-focused cockpit design that sees the mid instruments canted a little to the left. 2 digital screens make the cabin appear sleek and high tech, the 10.2-inch virtual gauge cluster can be reconfigured to show a range of info and the 2nd 10.2-inch infotainment screen offers both click and touch wheel interaction as-well-as Apple car play and navigation.

An onboard Wi-Fi and a head-up screen are both parts of the optional premium pack. All BMW Z4 models will come with pedestrian detection; low-speed automatic emergency braking and self-parking feature are optional.

Passenger and boot space

If you’re heavy very long in the leg you will found more leg space in the BMW Z4 compared with a Porsche BOXTER and Audi TT Roadster. The TT more head space, but the BMW Z4 is not tight on that itself. It is wide too, and you and your passenger will slightly lower gem in than you’d be in the TT.

The pockets of the door are also a great size, there is handy covered cubby in front of the gear lever where you can wirelessly charge your cell phone, and there is a decent sized glove box.